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Authentic AD Yeezy 350 Boost Grey Women-001
Authentic AD Yeezy 350 Boost Black Women-002
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kicksforever.ru is one of the largest clothing wholesale website in China. We supply Jordan sneaker, Nike sneaker, replicas from China, Cheap belt, Jean, Jerseys, Apparels, Snapback hats and some small adorn article for women, Millions of products, upload new products each day! New Customers from all over the world! Highest Quality & Best Price is our unremitting pursuit!! Welcome every guys visit our website!
We have the following advantages:
(1)We accept Credit Card,Western Union and Money Gram.
(2)No minimum order quantity, you can order whatever quantity you like, Mixed order is accepted.
(3)Our price is negotiable, it depends on the quantity you order.
(4)Consignment time: we will send goods out within 24-48 hours.

After payment:
(5)Shipment: EMS, DHL ,HKpost and so on. shipping time:5-8 working days

Order Tracking
Order Tracking
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  • Order RD32196
    Tracking EA230434350CN
    Ship to DE,United States
    Date 2016/5/10 2:18:44
  • Order RD32187
    Tracking EV944619945CN
    Ship to ile de france ,France
    Date 2016/5/5 1:22:18
  • Order RD32148
    Tracking EA131591075CN
    Ship to Hampton,United States
    Date 2016/4/24 8:48:25
  • Order RD32145
    Tracking EA131592371CN
    Ship to Texas,United States
    Date 2016/4/22 6:09:44
  • Order RD32139
    Tracking EA131593417CN
    Ship to Michigan ,United States
    Date 2016/4/17 6:23:55
  • Order RD32130
    Tracking 已扫描卡EA235202012CN
    Ship to Michigan,United States
    Date 2016/4/9 9:14:27
  • Order RD32112
    Tracking LS762144635CN
    Ship to New York,United States
    Date 2016/4/7 9:27:08
  • Order RD32093
    Tracking EE699113038CN EA235201462CN
    Ship to Michigan,United States
    Date 2016/4/5 10:40:11
  • Order RD32090
    Tracking EA230038022CN
    Ship to CA,United States
    Date 2016/4/4 6:58:13
  • Order RD32083
    Tracking EE699113262CN
    Ship to Michigan,United States
    Date 2016/3/31 4:29:42
  • Order RD32076
    Tracking EA230079234CN
    Ship to AL,United States
    Date 2016/3/15 2:25:49
  • Order RD32073
    Tracking EE938676104CN
    Ship to DE,United States
    Date 2016/3/14 12:14:14
  • Order RD32072
    Tracking EE938670795CN
    Ship to Michigan,United States
    Date 2016/3/13 8:34:30
  • Order RD32061
    Tracking EE938673757CN
    Ship to Florida,United States
    Date 2016/3/8 23:58:14
  • Order RD32059
    Tracking EA230284916CN EA230280035CN
    Ship to New York,United States
    Date 2016/3/7 2:50:59
  • Order RD32057
    Tracking EA147451028CN
    Ship to DE,United States
    Date 2016/3/5 11:11:56
  • Order RD32052
    Tracking EA230441015CN
    Ship to WY,United States
    Date 2016/3/3 14:47:17
  • Order RD32045
    Tracking EA230444547CN
    Ship to Chon Buri - ชลบุรี,Thailand
    Date 2016/2/29 0:51:54
  • Order RD32043
    Tracking EA147627864CN
    Ship to North Carolina,United States
    Date 2016/2/27 11:09:21
  • Order RD32029
    Tracking EA147626342CN
    Ship to California,United States
    Date 2016/2/22 11:09:20
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