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Authentic Air Jordan 12 Wings-009
Authentic AD Yeezy 350 Boost Black Women-002
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kicksforever.ru is one of the largest clothing wholesale website in China. We supply Jordan sneaker, Nike sneaker, replicas from China, Cheap belt, Jean, Jerseys, Apparels, Snapback hats and some small adorn article for women, Millions of products, upload new products each day! New Customers from all over the world! Highest Quality & Best Price is our unremitting pursuit!! Welcome every guys visit our website!
We have the following advantages:
(1)We accept Credit Card,Western Union and Money Gram.
(2)No minimum order quantity, you can order whatever quantity you like, Mixed order is accepted.
(3)Our price is negotiable, it depends on the quantity you order.
(4)Consignment time: we will send goods out within 24-48 hours.

After payment:
(5)Shipment: EMS, DHL ,HKpost and so on. shipping time:5-8 working days

Order Tracking
Order Tracking
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  • Order RD32302
    Tracking EV922312353CN
    Ship to FRANCHECOMTE,France
    Date 2016/12/16 19:47:53
  • Order RD32287
    Tracking EA230324080CN
    Ship to DE,United States
    Date 2016/11/2 22:09:34
  • Order RD32286
    Tracking EA230324425CN
    Ship to california,United States
    Date 2016/11/2 12:40:45
  • Order RD32285
    Tracking EA230323844CN
    Ship to Virginia,United States
    Date 2016/10/30 7:27:28
  • Order RD32282
    Tracking EA230322764CN EA230322804CN
    Ship to NorthCarolina ,United States
    Date 2016/10/22 15:10:19
  • Order RD32281
    Tracking 2826238903 DHL转8081125662
    Ship to VA,United States
    Date 2016/10/17 6:13:42
  • Order RD32280
    Tracking EA230322061CN
    Ship to FLORIDA,United States
    Date 2016/10/16 22:51:28
  • Order RD32270
    Tracking EA230325505CN EA230325275CN EA230325315CN
    Ship to California,United States
    Date 2016/9/18 2:23:28
  • Order RD32253
    Tracking EA230109320CN
    Ship to DE,United States
    Date 2016/8/6 21:25:50
  • Order RD32243
    Tracking EA230107235CN
    Ship to Louisiana,United States
    Date 2016/7/28 11:07:49
  • Order RD32240
    Tracking EA230105447CN
    Ship to Rhode Island,United States
    Date 2016/7/27 5:16:05
  • Order RD32235
    Tracking EA230106345CN EA230106371CN
    Ship to southcarolina,United States
    Date 2016/7/22 10:15:04
  • Order RD32234
    Tracking EA230105671CN EA230105606CN
    Ship to California ,United States
    Date 2016/7/20 16:21:59
  • Order RD32229
    Tracking RD32227已付
    Ship to Florida,United States
    Date 2016/6/27 9:39:18
  • Order RD32227
    Tracking EA230102030CN
    Ship to Florida,United States
    Date 2016/6/27 6:15:15
  • Order RD32221
    Tracking EA208754501CN
    Ship to DE,United States
    Date 2016/6/7 11:28:53
  • Order RD32218
    Tracking EA208754798CN
    Ship to Virginia,United States
    Date 2016/6/3 13:49:35
  • Order RD32217
    Tracking EA208755008CN
    Ship to CA,United States
    Date 2016/6/2 7:57:47
  • Order RD32214
    Tracking EA230437311CN
    Ship to Tennessee,United States
    Date 2016/5/27 11:06:53
  • Order RD32196
    Tracking EA230434350CN
    Ship to DE,United States
    Date 2016/5/10 2:18:44
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